I am the most sceptical person I know, so when I first heard of the wonders of hypnobirthing, I needed a bit of convincing!  


But, looking back now, I am so glad I did the course with MotherBirth.  As a generally very anxious person, the course gave me knowledge of both the physiology and the psychology of the labour and birthing process, which quietened the anxiety I had been feeling.  


The hypnobirthing relaxation scripts were so relaxing that (much to my embarrassment) they made my husband fall asleep on more than one occasion!  

The course also gave me the confidence to self-advocate in midwife/consultant appointments, and to stay calm throughout a long labour – so calm, in fact, that the midwife (who was in the process of telling me how I’d need to go home and wait longer), was clearly surprised when she checked my cervix and reported that I was already 7cms dilated and ready to be admitted to the Midwife Led Unit!

Hypnobirthing with MotherBirth also enabled me to take each challenge as it came, and remain calm despite the complications I experienced in and after the birth, with a long and exhausting labour and a retained placenta.  I was able to birth a healthy daughter on my own, without forceps or ventouse.  

I am so grateful for the knowledge and kindness I received from MotherBirth, and I highly recommend their services.  


Our baby girl arrived early on Thursday 12 Oct at 38.5 weeks. We have named her Laura Amelie.


The birth went very smoothly- I woke at 2am when my waters broke. I ate some breakfast and we organised the pool and an old duvet to kneel on in the bedroom then called for the midwife who came out quickly. It was very intense but Paul helped me with my breathing and visualisations while the midwives and my Mum filled the pool. I moved into the down stage of labour just as it was filled, got in and did two pushes as I breathed the baby down and the head was crowning and Laura was born a few minutes later at 5:30 am.


I stayed in the birthing pool while she started feeding and then the midwives helped me to walk to the bathroom where I could sit in an upright position holding the baby while I delivered the placenta. Thank you for all of your help and support in preparing for the birth.


Hypnobirthing allowed me to have the swift and drug free birth that I had wanted for me and my baby. We hope to see you soon,

love, Ellen xx


I was a little skeptical of Hypnobirthing but decided to give it a go with the hope that I would overcome my fear of labour and any negative thoughts I had about It. By the end of the sessions,  I had achieved exactly that . My friends and family had commented on how positive I was and I had completely changed my outlook on labour.



The sessions were structured in a way where I felt comfortable sharing my feelings and fears with the group.

The number one benefit I gained from using the hypnobirthing technique practiced during the sessions was that I felt really confident going into my labour . The sessions made me feel really prepared and knowledgeable about what I was about to go through and also provided a lot of direction around mentality visualizing a positive birth.

Although I ended up having an emergency c section, I managed to use my breathing techniques which helped me through my birthing journey. Both Lucy and Gabs were also extremely supportive when I started my birthing journey ( when I had my very first contraction at home ) and communicated with me about what to expect next.

I would highly recommend these sessions  for anyone who wants to overcome their fears of labour, understand the birthing process and anyone who wants to be part of an open and friendly environment with a group of women who will support you throughout your journey.


We are soo grateful for the course and we couldn't recommend it and you enough so and happy to recommend this if that helps you in the future. Yazz is a belter, perfect in every way, latched on straight away and is super chilled.


Many thanks againLove Mims, Karl & Yazz xxx

We just wanted to share our good news.


Yasmin arrived at 11.45am on Saturday morning weighing 7lb11. The labour was an absolutely magical experience, everything we wanted.. Clam relaxed and natural!!

It started at midnight last Friday night so it was just me and Karl and I only had 2 paracetamol and the tens machine until i got in the pool at 8am for 2 hours then got out used gravity to breathe her down for the finale!

We used Hypnobirthing  throughout the whole process with the breathing and visualisation.. It really worked and it was so effective I could feel my body instinctively working it so was empowering! So thank you soo so much, both me and Karl think its the best thing we that have ever done. We practiced every night before bed and it really held us in good stead on the night! I had no tears and delivered my placenta naturally.


I used Lucy and Gabs' doula service and placenta encapsulation for the birth of my second baby. At our antenatal sessions, they were amazing, filling me with confidence and knowledge to prepare me for the birth.


During my labour they were incredibly supportive, offering everything I needed from hypnobirthing relaxations to a hand to hold, and much needed cups of tea! They also helped my husband to stay calm and not panic, so it was a positive experience for him as well.


Thanks to Lucy and Gabs, I was able to give birth without any drugs or interventions and this meant that our daughter had a smooth and un-traumatic entry into the world. We highly recommend these fantastic doulas and their birth services to any expectant mothers.