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Radical birth education

Join us to gain the knowledge needed to leave you feeling empowered and informed in all areas of your pregnancy, labour and early parenting.


During this course we will cover the biology, physiology and psychology of birth.

You will gain knowledge around hypnobirthing techniques for deep relaxation to assist in your birth.

You will learn about the endocrine system and how this plays a vital role in your birth journey. Learning about what we can do to allow this sacred system to do its delicately balanced job. 

we will cover birth partner role. Your birthings rights, your birth team, and practical techniques, both modern and ancient, for both you and your partner to use during labour for a more comfortable birth. 

You will also have the opportunity to spend time with a breast feeding consultant and learn basic first-aid with a paediatric nurse.


A birthing woman has all the power within that she needs to birth her baby, our course is designed to help you reconnect to that power. 

All of the above is provided with a nourishing meal that is freshly made by our sister company that specialises in postnatal food delivery. 

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