Double the doula

We have been working as doulas for over eight years and came together to form MotherBirth four years ago.  During this time we have had the privilege to support families together during their pregnancy, birth and early parenting. We love this work as it means we can fully serve our families.

Working together means we can bring both our fields of expertise into our time spent together.

Lucy incorporates her hypnobirthing teaching, ensuring you are feeling calm, relaxed and empowered during your pregnancy and birth.

Gabriella looks at diet, nutrition and holistic therapies, ensuring between them that you are mentally, physically and spiritually equipped for your transition into parenthood.

Working as a team with us ensures every aspect of your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period are covered.  This will leave you feeling enabled to fully emerge into parenthood, happily and confidently. 


As doulas we feel that this time should be about supporting the whole family.


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Postnatal doula care


What is a postnatal doula?


A postnatal doula is a person who supports you both emotionally and physically after the birth of your baby(s).

After a woman gives birth she can often experience some emotional ups and downs due to her hormone imbalance. This is a natural and normal part of becoming a mother, but this emotional state can occasionally spiral downwards if we do not nourish ourselves both physically and mentally. A doulas role is to provide the space for a new mother to be able to do that. Put simply a doula will help a new mother transition into motherhood as smoothly as possible.


What can a postnatal doula support me with?


 We know only too well how the lack of sleep often goes hand in hand with this emotional settling period, which can cause confusion and upset. We can provide an ear as non-judgmental sounding board, and allow you to ‘unload’ anything you want to talk about. We will impart a wealth of knowledge that we have gathered over the years, some of which you may already know and some of which you may not around feeding, sleeping and looking after yourself and your baby. We can prepare food and help with light duties around the home so the load is shared and doesn’t feel like a burden.


Being heard

Everyone likes to be heard, so first and foremost we listen to you and any concerns you may be having as a new parent. These can be explored and hopefully resolved. We don’t have all of the answers all of the time, but with an extensive network of birth professionals as colleague’s, it won't be too difficult to find answers or point you in the right direction. 


Being held

As mothers ourselves we know the importance of support and having someone holding the space for you to step into is vital. In this role we help you to look after your new baby(s). This may include help with feeding, bathing, changing nappies, dressing, and settling your infant, so you can grown and gain confidence in your own ability without feeling overwhelmed. Babies do not come with any instructions and they are all different and will behave according to their own little personalities, even if you’re not a first time mother and already have experience with other children, sometimes it can still feel a little daunting, and that’s both okay and normal, you can trust that we will hold the space with love, support and kindness.