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We are Lucy and Gabriella founders of MotherBirth.Childhood friends with a joint passion in birth, motherhood and the discovery into the transitions during parenthood.

Trained as Doulas, Antenatal teachers, Hypnobirthing instructors and a wealth of therapies from pre conception throughout the journey through parenthood.

As mothers of 7 children between them they know just how wonderful motherhood is and how vital support is at every step of the way.

Lucys background is in self-development work and is in perfect harmony with our ethos that motherhood is a phase of constant self development. She has worked in this field with many groups of women over the years and has found it aligns with her passion for birth and woman centred care. 

Gabriella's background is in holistic therapies, nutrition and food co owning her own catering company.

Her passion for food and nutrition rides alongside MotherBirth supporting women through pregnancy and postnatally nourishing families and teaching the benefits of diet during this time.

MotherBirth was born with the joint belief through our experiences as mothers that we want to be able to be with mothers on every level Understanding that each step requires advice, guidance and support. Allowing the transition into parenthood to be a smooth one....

  • This course has been designed to inform and empower you around birth

    Starts Feb 4


  • This course has been designed to inform and empower you around birth

    Starts Feb 4


  • Learn useful non-allopathic techniques for pain relief for labour

    Starts Jan 31


  • 30 minute free consultation

    30 min


  • Support for you and birth partner in pregnancy, birth and beyond

    24 hr

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